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Take a drive on the wild side. Weave through the traffic and get far as you can without hitting a car or running out of gas, turn a Sunday drive to a retro derby with a bunch of unlockables to suit your style.

This was inspired by the brick racing game handheld and old retro games (something I wanted to play on the train). Its starts out at a steady cruising speed, however over time turns into a chaotic speed trap where weaving is a split second decision. Don't get too greedy as the risk/ rewards will get you in the end.

Besides the other road users, there are coins, bubbles and fuel to help on your journey. You want to avoid totalling your car, however it is not the end. Your collective points will be use to unlock a variety of new cars, scenery and music for your next road trip.

It is free to download and is on the android and iOS stores. Please check out the links and swappylane.com

Install instructions

This is the latest apk available on the android store. you can download and install. It recommended to use the appstore to keep up to date with latest builds


SwappyLane.apk 23 MB

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